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All Signs Point to Shit Being Fucked (Part 9)

When you were watching, "The Hunger Games", did you find yourself rooting for Katniss to lose because the film went from being great to being teenybopper bullshit?

Have you ever felt guilty for telling the truth?

All Signs Point to Shit Being Fucked (Part 8)

Have you ever been laying down and imagined untangling a knot of some kind; and getting pissed off because you still can't get it?

have you ever given yourself a piece of advice; followed it; failed; and then still passed that advice on to someone else?

If you had the ability to fly, wouldn't you be scared to do so because you get the feeling that, at some point, it'll stop working because the universe hates you?

Anthony Tafoya

All Signs Point to Shit Being Fucked (Part 7)

have you ever given away something because you thought a particular person deserved it? -only later to find out that the person is a fuckin' douchebag.

Have you ever given yourself a subliminal message?

Have you ever remembered something that you thought might be a suppressed memory, and suddenly realized why you're so fucked up? -but you don't know for sure if it was a real memory.

-Anthony Tafoya

All Signs Point to Shit Being Fucked (part 6)

Have you ever thought you cared about someone and that person gets seriously injured and you realize you couldn't care less whether they're alive or dead?

Have you ever cracked opened that collectable bottle of alcohol that you've been saving for 10 years because you were getting drunk and ran out of beer?

-Anthony Tafoya

Palin Can't Win (The Unelectables)

conservative bloggers seem to still be in love with the unelectable. And I have no idea why.....

Palin is a great personality and seems to be one cool cat (call her Kitty Kat). But as we've seen with Barack Obama and how the left-wing media literally put him into the presidency; they (the media) has the power to destroy or make "possible" or "impossible". And the media is so vicious when it comes to Palin that she will never overcome it.

Granted, she may be a good governmental leader but she is not steady enough, or smart enough, to be president. Obama is, at least, smart. Smart enough to keep in place every Bush counter terrorism measure, even when it goes against his leftist ideals. Palin, I doubt, would have that type of resolve if leading meant going against everything she believes in.

A Palin nomination = A Democratic victory. -Just like nominating John Kerry was an automatic win for George W. -learn from liberal idiocy.

-Anthony Tafoya

All Signs Point to Shit Being Fucked (pt. 5)

Have you ever pretended to read something for the amount of time it would have taken to actually read it? And then realized you worked harder at pretending than what you would work if you just read the damn thing?

have you ever watched a movie in theaters, walked outside afterward, and felt that this reality is strange and the film made perfect sense?

It's Amazing

It's amazing how quickly time passes us. not only does it pass us but it outruns us as if we had weights strapped to our backs. -shit, I can't even see it anymore.

I'm coming up on 27 this May. I think maybe my youth was so fun and easy that I've been caught trying to find it. trying to get there again. -yeah, but that ain't happening.

I'm stuck here! gone though heart-ache, trauma, and a ton of bullshit; like two tons, actually.

maybe one day soon, I can say: today was a great fucking day. -here's to hope. And hey, it might not be great, but it ain't that bad :-) -here's to Love

No One Cares Nerd

You know why i stopped political blogging? -I realized that I was arguing with nerds.

I would spend hours arguing with a bunch of dorks who probably have never played a sport in their entire lives. Weak little nerds with extra pairs of glasses just in case they fall and break the ones they're wearing.

then I watch all of the political commentators on the news and comedy shows..... just nerds. Jon Stewart -Nerd. Bill Maher -Nerd

Schumer Ready to Lead if Reid Leaves

Ya, that's a sweet title... I know.

Congressional Democrats make it very clear why everyone should [always] vote republican. that's what's going down here. America forgot how monumentally disastrous the Democratic Party can be... until they regained power and totally fucked up this country. And now, that the reminder has been made absolutely clear, voters will overthrow the insanity.

As for Chuck Schumer.... I kind of like him. When compared to Harry Reid, he's great.

As Reid Falters, Schumer Subtly Stands in the Wings