Obamacare: The Liberal-Utopia-Dementia

The thing with "Liberal Utopia Dementia"; is that their process of reasoning is so skewed, that in their mind, hurting the American people, while taking away their choices, is completely necessary.

 Millions of people are losing their insurance. And it's not that they refuse to take responsibility; it's that their sickness doesn't allow them to recognize their own glaring mistakes. It really is a sickness. 

How else do you explain a willingness to hurt so many people? Liberalism is Lennie petting the American people to death.


Greatest Movie Scene Ever!

I Need A Hero - Johnny-5


Dennis Miller Decimates Obama and Axelrod

Here's the clip of Dennis commenting on the public statements made by President Obama and David Axelrod about the Boston Marathon terrorist attack:

Dennis makes a great point about how the left ascribes racism where there is none. And how President Obama tip-toes around blaming terrorism (while making political expedient tragedies a cause of his)

Obama Blames GOP in Hopscotch Deaths

This morning President Obama blamed Senate Republicans for the deaths of 27 kids during a school yard hopscotch game.

The beloved childhood activity took a bizarre twist when John Boehner slapped a youngster after the boy claimed his mom was upset because the GOP refused to pay for her birth control and then denied her access to an abortion; forcing the mother to give birth to him. From there, all hell broke lose! 

The line at the end of the last hop point was backed up. dozens of kids were smashed together; creating a funnel of destruction and despair. 5 kids, including two girls suffocated under the immense pressure. 12 survivors made it out alive but unfortunately, 27 perished.


Twitter: A Love Note

For too long, I have went without love in my heart. For too long, this world has been a cruel place. For too long, my life has been empty.

But I was saved!

You came like a thief in the night, wearing night vision goggles; completely naked wearing only one tube sock. Your reverence shot a tingle down my leg like that tingle Chris Matthews felt when he crapped his pants watching President Obama sneeze; falling instantly in love.

You gave me hope where there was none. Time, where none existed. Erections, when strapping a few horses to my pickup failed. 

My world is whole now. I've hash-tagged my way to happiness. I've felt the lightning bolt of love all the way from my head to my toes. Every morning is like Christmas morning when I wake up to you by my side. I can tell you anything. And you will always listen. You will always be there for me. I Belieb in ThatAwkwardMomentWhen two people make eye contact during sex.

You are my sunshine Twitter. You are my smiley face on the LOL of life. 

#JustSayin I love you,


George Bush in a Bathtub

Yet, another reason why GW is awesome!

Paul Harvey: If I Were The Devil


Kelly Clarkson Makes Bill Clinton Very Happy

Kelly Clarkson -Check
Viagra -Check

Obama Gun Control; Liberal Hypocrisy and The Right's Insanity

As a gun owner and frequent target shooter; and advocate of not being murdered in my own home, I take exception to any law, thought or legislation that would seriously infringe upon my rights to protect myself in any way. However, I also take exception to commentators like Sean Hannity, right-wing bloggers, or ads like those from the NRA that demagogue the issue to the point where it takes away from  the sane Republican arguments. 

I predicted this type of behavior in several posts years ago pointing out the fact that the conservative wing of the GOP would turn into the crazed leftists we saw during the Bush Administration. -And they are making us look stupid. Spouting off tirades about "tyranny" under Obama, or "King Obama" or this president being a "dictator" of sorts in his approach to governance. -These arguments were the exact same craziness spewed from the Left at George W. Bush. It's nonsense.

Yes, President Obama is trying to pass very liberal legislation on gun-control, taxes and healthcare (all stances I very much disagree with). But that is his prerogative. It's the GOP's job to counter the attempts of the far-left with rational alternatives.

It's not "tyranny". Obama's proposals are simply counterproductive. Statistics are clear when it comes to anti-gun legislation or banning guns... violent crime increases and murder rates skyrocket as seen in Chicago.

More importantly, the 2nd Amendment is there for a reason. The left cannot  pick and choose which ones they recognize. And the glaring hypocrisy doesn't help. Hypocrisy that most on the Left ignore.

-The Obama Administration exporting assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels (resulting in countless murders) and then exploiting kids to push an anti-gun agenda. Or violating privacy rights of legal gun-owners whilst decrying law enforcement for checking IDs of ILLEGAL aliens.

I have serious issues with how this President is trying to lead this country. And yes, we need to confront that leadership. But the key is to be smarter than the opposition. Not spew the same type of nonsense the left used during Bush's term in office. Lest you forget, in four years there will be a new president with new policies. Obama isn't the king. So people like Sean Hannity need to stop acting like Left-Wing lunatics. Lunatics who thought the same way he's thinking now... that George Bush was seizing power to be President forever.


The Meant to Be

She is so close. I can see her laugh. The thought of meeting her provided hope when the air around me was suffocating. A rare woman indeed.

However, I cannot truly have her. All I can do is dream of, The Meant to Be.

-Anthony Tafoya