What The...

They Got rid of Pierce Brosnan for this idiot.

Let's Reward Idiots

First the Nobel Prize was given to Mohamed ElBarade the head of the IAEA for his efforts in stopping the spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction, which is laughable. Believe it or not Kofi Annan received the so-called honor two years ago despite aiding Sadaam Hussein buy influence with the Oil for Food Scandal and despite the inaction on the part of the UN in the African genocide. Just today the Nobel Prize for literature was given to a man named Harold Pinter. Guess which country he hates and slanders on a near daily basis… I’ll give you one guess…it’s not the genocidal regimes of Hussein, N. Korea or corrupt Latin American countries. Yes, that’s right; he hates America and George Bush. What a surprise, huh.

Harold Pinter and his crazy comments: "I found that to emerge from a personal nightmare…- the nightmare of American hysteria, ignorance, arrogance, stupidity and belligerence; the most powerful nation the world has ever known effectively waging war against the rest of the world”

"We have brought torture, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, innumerable acts of random murder, misery and degradation to the Iraqi people and call it bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East.”

Is that right, we brought torture, random murder and misery to Iraq. The hundreds of thousands of people murdered by Hussein that was just your run of the mill dictator stuff. The millions of people tortured raped and degraded by Saddam that was fine with him. Not one quote of his outrage at the ongoing genocides in N. Korea or formerly of Iraq. Nope not one. So obviously this guy is an idiot. Now that the US has overthrown Hussein, all of a sudden we brought torture and murder. And it’s not Al Qaeda and terrorist insurgents that are using murder torture and beheading to bring Iraq down, it’s the U.S. What I don’t get…well I do get it; but why is it that people are being rewarded simply because they like to bash America. It’s insane. Kofi Annan is corrupt and so is the UN but let’s reward their horrid inaction. Are we all recognizing the pattern here? Is it becoming clear or is more evidence needed? It’s the same as giving Michael Moore an award for the obvious propaganda of his Fahrenheit 9-11. Let’s just shove are face in the sand and let idiots tell us what to believe.

Kennedy To Support Kerry

Teddy the “drunken man-slaughterer” has vowed to support John Kerry’s presidential hopes in 2008. A shocking statement, given that the conventional wisdom is Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee in ’08. I can't imagine what the support of Ted Kennedy would do to Kerry's hopes for the presidency. Most likely it will undermine his efforts becuase most Americans don't respect the Massachusetts senator.

Howard Dean attacked Ken Mehlman the head of the GOP for giving a speech to the NAACP. he said, "I'm shocked that he would have the nerve to show his face in front of any African American organization after the way they treated those people in New Orleans."

Mr Dean is shocked; ohhhhh. I'm shocked that Howard "The Scream Machine" Dean can self-righteously imply that the Democrats own black voters and only they can speak at an NAACP event. This is why I hate Liberals; they have done nearly nothing for poor African Americans and yet claim republicans purposely killed Black people in New Orleans.

The New Site

From the acclaimed site of http://opinionnation.modblog.com comes the opininions that matter. With links to Patrick Reuffini the head of the online Bush/Cheney campaign; this site will help solidify the Republican Party's control of the senate, house of Representatives, and the white house.

New Headlines include the subpoena of Ronnie Eearle the Texas District Attorney who has filed suit against former Majority Leader Tom Delay. The prosecuter is accused of "jury hunting" in order to bring down Delay. It is reported that Ronnie Earle went through three grand Juries to finally find one that would indict Tom Delay.

An Oregan court has ruled that public sexual acts are protected by Freedom of Expression

Recently, Al Qaeda laid out plans for an Islamic Empire in the Middle East. View Stroy here: http://opinionnation.modblog.com/?show=blogview&blog_id=758551