Kennedy To Support Kerry

Teddy the “drunken man-slaughterer” has vowed to support John Kerry’s presidential hopes in 2008. A shocking statement, given that the conventional wisdom is Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee in ’08. I can't imagine what the support of Ted Kennedy would do to Kerry's hopes for the presidency. Most likely it will undermine his efforts becuase most Americans don't respect the Massachusetts senator.

Howard Dean attacked Ken Mehlman the head of the GOP for giving a speech to the NAACP. he said, "I'm shocked that he would have the nerve to show his face in front of any African American organization after the way they treated those people in New Orleans."

Mr Dean is shocked; ohhhhh. I'm shocked that Howard "The Scream Machine" Dean can self-righteously imply that the Democrats own black voters and only they can speak at an NAACP event. This is why I hate Liberals; they have done nearly nothing for poor African Americans and yet claim republicans purposely killed Black people in New Orleans.