Before the War in Iraq

1993, Feb. 26: The World Trade Center was bombed by Al Qaeda. Six people killed and over 1,000 injured.
1993, Oct. 4: 18 US servicemen killed by an Al Qaeda-trained Somalia militia
1996, June 25: 19 US servicemen killed in an attack on a US military housing complex in Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda and Hezbollah were involved
1998, Feb. 22: Osama Bin Laden issues fatwa against the United States. Bin Laden calls on every Muslim to kill Americans.
1998, Aug. 7: 222 people killed in an Al Qaeda attack on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
2000, Oct. 12: 17 American sailors killed in a suicide attack on the USS Cole perpetrated by Al Qaeda.
2001, Sept. 11: 3,000 people murdered in the worst attack on US soil.

It seems we were at war long before Iraq. Iraq was not the catalyst for terrorism as many liberals like to claim. Any person who thinks our action in Iraq has made us less safe is obviously ignorant of history. This war on terrorism was waged long before George Bush was elected into office and will continue long after his term expires. The appeasement of terrorism displayed during the Clinton Administration was unhelpful in stemming attacks from Al Qaeda, as you can clearly see. So, you unrealistic peace lovers might consider reality for a change. Hey, I’m all for peace… When Americans aren’t being attacked and when a dictator has not used WMD on more than a dozen occasions. Or like Hillary Clinton said, “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock; His missile delivery capability, his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists including Al-Qaeda members.” (which is true) I’m all for peace when UN resolutions are being taken seriously and the UN is not systematically corrupt. Remember, when Americans were being attacked in an unrecognized war on terror, we were not in Iraq. At the time, according to liberal logic, we were in an illegal and immoral war launched by Clinton in Kosovo and Bosnia.

Let’s all recognize this. We have not yet been attacked on US soil again. Al Qaeda has called Iraq the central front in this war. Libya voluntarily gave up its WMD program. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen and others have cracked down on Terrorists. Afghanistan has been liberated and elections have been hugely successful. America is truly greeted as liberators there and Afghanistan is now a true ally of the United States. Iraq is still chaotic but that’s really only due to our enemy’s realization that they are losing and need to put up the fight of their lives. But even with the carnage these Insurgents are causing, the Iraqi people have participated in historic elections; formed a constitution; began the political processes of governance; and have taken huge steps in forming a new country. Most importantly, we need to remember this war on terror is serious. Don’t let the Iraqis down like the peace movement let over 3,000,000 slaughtered Cambodians and S. Vietnamese down. The future is at stake and an entire region is at stake.