“The Corruptible”

The United Nations has recently cancelled an upcoming visit to Guantanamo Bay because it says the United States refused to allow for private questioning of terrorist detainees. The United Nations, the most corrupt organization on the planet, has been whining all year to have access to Gitmo. They were finally allowed to bring investigators in, but because they didn’t like the terms and conditions, they decided to make a political statement and refuse to send inspectors. They fought for this chance because they felt it could damage the United States and the military. The UN is anxious to take fabricated accounts from terrorist suspects in order to post that information all over the media. The propaganda war is in effect all over the world and the UN is willing to spew terrorist rhetoric to try and save face in light of their horrid corruption. The UN claimed they were being denied “just, objective and credible time with detainees”

Keep in Mind that the Red Cross International Committee has been given total access to all prisoners and are allowed private time. Also keep in mind that Al Qaeda’s training manual clearly calls for all captured members to claim torture. They do this because they [Al Qaeda] understand that the anti-American media in Europe and the left-wing media in America will gladly use that claim to damage the military and the President. This tool of miss-information has already been utilized countless times. The hoards of miss-informed Euro-fascist liberals have already bought into the concept that America is evil and more dangerous than Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. Basically, many people in the world are willing to buy into the claims of a captured terrorist and therefore, allowing the UN or some anti-American organization to capitalize on that reality, would be a mistake.