Daily Show vs The Colbert Report

A) The Colbert Report is funny. Unlike the Daily show, the Colbert Report uses clever jokes and timing. The Daily show has now become unoriginal. Jon Stewart is predictable and I can write better material than their left-wing writers. Some think it’s clever but I can only assume those people vote democrat; or are high.

B) The Colbert report is what the Daily Show used to be; a satire driven comedy about all types of issues. The daily show has turned into an arm of the Democratic Party. I watch and read every major news outlet as well as the two comedy central programs. I know what type of news the writers at Stewart's show are going to use to miss-inform their viewers. It will be attacks on the Republican Party and on the President; it’s very typical. Given that the Democratic Party, as a whole, make themselves look like idiots, you would think that type of thing should be in the show. The material you can use on how major Democrats have completely ignored their pre-war statements is Gold. Make jokes about how the democrats lie with every breath and how people actually still buy into what they are saying. That’s funny!

C) Although I think Jon Stewart is very funny, Steven Colbert just has a better delivery. He is smarter than Jon so that might allow him to think quicker on his feet. What is horrifying to me, and most news junkies, is that many young people actually think the Daily show is a real source of news. Many young people get their news from Comedy Central. Think about that. That’s funnier than the Daily Show and Colbert Report combined.