Secret Memo: Bomb Al Jazeera

The Mirror in the UK finally admitted what we all knew to be true. The BBC [like many European news agencies] is no better than Al Jazeera. A report filed by the Mirror claims that George Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera’s headquarters in Iraq. They of course were attacking the Bush administration in the article but in a grand Freudian slip, they allowed their alliance to the insurgency to seep out. The article claimed, “To have wiped them out would have been equivalent to bombing the BBC in London…” Al Jazeera is known to be an arm of the Iraq insurgency as well as a constant companion of Al Qaeda. The “news agency” frequently aids in spreading the propaganda of Al Qaeda while fueling our enemy’s hatred towards innocent Iraqis and the United States. So, in that way…Al Jazeera is exactly like the BBC. If Al Jazeera was targeted by the US it would probably be late at night where collateral damage would be minimal. That would be fine with me given that Al Jazeera causes more death, destruction, and hatred than what would be caused if their news building was taken out.

The BBC, like the Mirror, is a tool of the fascist left-wing ideology that enveloped Western Europe nearly a decade ago. A constant propagandist attitude towards the United States and the War in Iraq in their reporting is usually their MO. Al Jazeera shares that characteristic but takes it past the extreme. Al Jazeera needs to be immediately taken out. However, a more advanced way would be a better choice. Jamming their communication towers or sabotaging their infrastructure sounds more reasonable.