Send More Troops!

As America is entrenched in Iraq and American soldiers are dying, we at home, are being attacked with liberal rhetoric as well. A continual undermining of this war effort has been organized by far-left entities with the sole objective of losing the war in Iraq in order to gain politically in the next election. This type of disgraceful action is well-known but the question still remains: Should we pull out of Iraq now; wait until the job is completely done; or draw back troops while encouraging the Iraqis to take more responsibility?

I am growing weary of the situation in Iraq. I think the best possible solution is to WIN! I support my President nearly 100% but I have to admit that I’m very tired of having to read about US service people being killed. In order for us to win, like we need to win, we need to send more troops to Iraq. There are three major priorities that need to be taken care of. First, should be training and equipping the new Iraqi Army. The second priority, which is not being handled, is securing the borders of Iraq. The third priority is, of course, safety and security. The way I see it; is that Priority # 1 is not going very well. The Iraqi Army is very slowly coming together. The recent estimation of the US army command apparatus is that it will take a couple of years for the Iraqi army to be properly organized, equipped, and ran with adequate Iraqi leadership. That is unacceptable; not only to me but it should be unacceptable to the American people. Priority # 2 has not even been seriously addressed by the administration. IEDs are the main killer of US troops. Those IEDs have been brought across the Syrian and Iranian borders. Hell, actual terrorists are being funneled through these borders. Nothing is being done about that! Priority # 3 is safety and security. Of course you can’t have safety and security if the Iraqis aren’t trained and Iraq’s borders are open for insurgents and weaponry to flow freely.

President Bush better realize this situation is not going to die down. Real action is now needed to make Iraq what I think it could be. Send more troops!