Their Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

I don’t think any sane person should think the Democratic Party cares for poor black people. Why? Because they don’t care one bit; but they say they do. They have done nothing for the black community. Under Bush minority home ownership is at record highs. Poverty is the same as it was under Clinton. And this will shock you liberals: Entitlement spending under Bush far exceeds that of Clinton.

Democrats constantly want to raise taxes especially on the rich. Yet many of them, like Ted Kennedy, avoid paying taxes on their fortunes by shipping their money to off-shore accounts. Ted Kennedy also refused alternative energy in his state because it was on land his family uses for vacations.

Literally one year the Dems are making a better case for the war in Iraq then President Bush is; the next year they are claiming Bush lied to you. Even though if Bush lied to you that means they lied to you. Quotes you can use. But, no informed person believes that Bush actually lied; if you do believe he lied then please prove it. Although, according to all investigations dealing with Iraq and pre-war Intel, including the 9-11 commission, the bi-partisan Intelligence Capabilities Report, as well as the Senate Investigation, have all clearly stated Bush did not lie. So if you have secret info that all of those bi-partisan investigations do not have, please provide it here.

The Democratic Party has a history of Defense and Intelligence budget cuts: yet they blame President Bush when he uses bad information from those same agencies that they cut. The biggest failure on 9-11, according to the 9-11 commission, was the lack of good Intel including human intelligence. Well, guess who cut the budget and caused a drastic reduction of clandestine operatives in Europe and the Middle East.

Think about the fact that the Democratic Party has run one Campaign for the last 40 years. They run on healthcare, poverty, medicare, education in every single campaign. What does that tell you? They care about those issues…Maybe. More importantly, it tells you that for 40 years the democrats have failed on every single issue that they claim to have a moral superiority on. They yell better education, hospitals, healthcare but they have not done anything about those issues. They simply use those key words to gain votes. And it works on you liberals every time.