The Call to Freedom

Heavy turnout has made this historic election a grand a beautiful day in history. The first country in the history of the Middle East to vote for a constitutionally approved parliament is Iraq. This is no joke; these are real people who were brutally oppressed who are now watching and proactively aiding in their future by voting in a society that has never known such chance. Never have the Iraqi people known the actual feeling of hope. But today, despite threats from our common enemy, they built that hope from decades of torture and genocide. They have, despite the naysayers in America, proved they can have a democracy. Recent polls have over 70% of the Iraqi people saying they want democracy. They want this progress to continue and they want a chance. Any leader in this country who is calling for the immediate withdrawal of US troops is actively working against freedom and chance for the Iraqi people. Any leader or person who can’t see the history being made in front of their eyes is a dead shadow of creativity and common sense. Any leader claiming we can’t win in Iraq is actively fighting against the forces of what’s good and just in this world. Any leader, who claims this effort was not worth it, is wrong. Every leader who said this war is a quagmire should never be taken seriously again. You all know who I’m referring to. Any person who claims they care about humanity will say this effort to free the Iraqi people is one of the most important Humanitarian causes in the history of the world. You may hate George Bush but if don’t give him credit for attempting to build a free society in Iraq you’re an ideological puppet.

The Iraqi people need jobs, they need electricity, and they need America to continue to help them. I hate to say this, but now the democrats will underplay this progress and continue to lie to the American people. They will still call for retreat and they will still claim Bush lied. They will still actively work against this war effort and the Iraqi people. But for us, who can see without being told what to believe, will recognize everything the Democrats claim is bogus political rhetoric designed to undermine the President for political gain, nothing more! I call on all clear thinking and peace loving Democrats to support this very possible effort for freedom. I call on all Democrats to admit the progress in Iraq and the Middle East has been provided by the American military and the profound policies of President Bush. Afghanistan is now free and a working society and that's thanks to George Bush and the military. The Middle East has begun to shift towards more free societies thanks to the Military and George Bush. World changing and history making events have occurred because of the policies of George Bush and our brave military, who by the way, were compared to Nazis and the forces of Stalin by some leading Democrats.