CIA Leak

Is it not hypocrisy for a newspaper to illegally reveal a covert operation and have no Democrats crying about it? The Washington Post put America in danger by selfishly revealing the fact that the CIA has prison facilities [Black Sites] stationed in certain areas inside Europe. The left has been more than eager to use this ousted secret CIA operation to try and damage the Administration. Valerie Plame was claimed to be endangered by the left, but when the military and the CIA are actually in danger they are perfectly fine with it...In fact they are so fine with this they use it as a basis for an anti-military, anti-American onslaught. I find it amazingly hypocritical that people are reveling in the outing of a secret CIA operation while at the same time loathing the Valerie Plame “leak” case. They love this leak because it hurts the administration. It definitely endangers the CIA and the people who work at these facilities as well as the American public but they don’t care. It’s obvious they don’t care. So why cry, whine and call for premature resignations for the Valerie Plame case but use this obviously worse incident as ammunition? Well, I can answer that…Because many in the Democratic Party are willing to put the safety of the military in jeopardy for short term political gains.

Recently the New York Times put the CIA and American troops in danger by leaking flight information dealing with terrorist detainees. They listed a schedule of where CIA planes in Europe and the Middle East land and what they land for. The New York Times is actively giving out information that is pertinent to the enemy; Information that can really cause damage, unlike the Valerie Plame case. I am waiting to hear the American left get upset about this leak and the Washington Post leak. If they don’t get upset then they are obviously, as I said, Hypocrites.