Dear Dems, Thanks for Nothing

This is what I call the middle finger to the democrats. It’s like they're saying, “Hey moron, we’re building a country here.” Early voting began today in Iraq’s parliamentary elections amid desperate calls from Al Qaeda not to vote.

Despite constant calls for surrender by some in America, the historic political process is continuing in Iraq. No, there is no civil war; Iraq has been rebuilding an army; voted for a transitional government; voted for a permanent government; voted for a constitution; and are about to vote in parliamentary elections. Every historic milestone for the Iraqi people is always minimized by the left and completely hidden by papers like the New York Times. “Abu Grhaib 100 times on the front page; historic elections and progress in Iraq…never heard of it.” You will hear when the elections are over and Iraq is one huge step closer to being a free society, the Democrats slightly acknowledge how great that is. Followed by Bush is a liar, let’s pull out, Bush has no plan, I support the troops but they’re terrorists Nazis.

The plan for victory: We hear claims that there is no strategy for victory in Iraq and therefore we should surrender to the terrorists. However, when asked what should be done to win the war, they say that the Iraqi military should be trained and that we should slowly turn over the country. You might wonder, “How is that different from what the Administrations plan has been all along?” It’s not…except the Dems are pretending that it never was the plan. I have a feeling that this whole situation is starting to turn. Recently, there have been Iraqi citizens turning in terrorist leadership to the United States military. That is a huge deal given the situation. The fact is, in many cases the Iraqi people are afraid that America will leave them to die like after the first Gulf War. The Iraqis, who are afraid that the "cut-and-runners" will have their way, have to stay on the fence. They feel that if they side with the Americans and then the Americans leave them at the will of the Insurgency, that’s it, they’re dead. Maybe after these elections a certain political party will join the right side in hopes that we win this war… I doubt it though.