December 11, 1941

"Delay invites danger. Rapid and united efforts by all peoples of the world who are determined to remain free will ensure world victory for the forces of justice and righteousness over the forces of savagery and barbarism." –President Roosevelt-

Looking back on History is important to understand what made this country a great nation. On December 11, 1941 the axis powers Italy and Germany declared War on the United States of America. Hitler claimed that Roosevelt caused the outbreak of war in 1939 and was secretly planning to invade Germany. (BBC) “Both Democrats and Republicans have agreed to "adjourn politics" for the duration of the war and focus on national defense.”

What a concept! At the time both Democrats and Republican’s agreed to “adjourn politics”. God, only if the Democrats had the will to stop undermining our current war we might have the honor of calling them our leaders. Unfortunately, Politics is all I see coming from Washington. A large amount of Democrats want us to lose in Iraq. Democrats have slandered the president for political gain; comparing our troops to Nazis, to the forces of Stalin; and terrorists. Democrats have called for surrender. They have systematically lied to the American people, claiming that they were misled into war. Any person who thinks Ted Kennedy or John Kerry was misled into war is wrong. You don’t support the troops, Democrats, by assuring them they can’t win in Iraq or that they are terrorists or that they are Nazis or that they equivalent to the forces of Stalin. You don’t support the troops by a systematic effort to re-write history to gain seats in the Senate. Do you think that quote Roosevelt gave to congress should be etched in the foreheads of this current Democratic Party? I do