Democratic Desperation

NSA Leak Probe
I’m sure the far left in this country are excited about the Justice Department beginning its investigation of who leaked vital National Security information to the NY Times. We saw their feigned outrage over the leaking of the name of Valerie Plame to Robert Novak, now we’re sure to see their outrage at this obviously more important Intelligence leak… Well, at least if the Democratic Party wasn’t the epitome of hypocrisy, we would see it.

I have yet to hear the Democrats yell and whine about an illegal outing of secret prisons [black sites] in Europe and the ousting of classified information on CIA plane routes transporting terrorist suspects. You heard them claim that releasing Valerie Plame’s CIA status put her and the CIA in danger. Why haven’t we heard them yelling about how giving our terrorist enemy vital information like prison facilities and plane routes, put the CIA and our military in danger? Why the silence when the New York Times releases an illegal leak that clearly damages our National Security. Why the fake outrage with the Valerie Plame case and the silence when the CIA and the American people are truly endangered? The answer is very telling of the current Democratic Party’s willingness to damage the nation for political gain. There is no excuse for this hypocrisy. Since the illegal disclosure of this wiretapping program can possibly hurt the President and might possibly allow the Democrats to get more votes, they are perfectly fine with putting America in danger. Their willingness to politicize this incident for a perceived short term political advantage is why I dislike the Democratic Party. They’re desperate, so they are willing to throw National Security out the window and it’s obvious.