Democrats Miss Saddam

41 percent of Democrats give support for Saddam Hussein’s former regime. In a new Opinion/Dynamics poll, Bush’s approval ratings began to slightly rebound but what I found most interesting is that a large number of Democrats basically want Saddam Hussein back in power.
The poll asked: “Do you think the world would be better or worse off if Saddam was still in power.”

41% of Democrats said it would be better if he was in power
34% of democrats said it would be worse if he was in power

61% of people think that Hussein either hid/moved/destroyed his weapons
11% unsure where his weapons are
28% say he did not have weapons

I’m not really surprised that so many Democrats feel genocide, mass rape, and extreme torture is better for the world than voting for constitutions, assembling a country, and the Iraqis fighting for a freer society. Not surprised at all. Remember, their disdain for Bush causes their reasonability and common sense to be overpowered; so in that way it is almost expected.