The Far-Left and Al Qaeda vs. America

The ACLU has now decided to sue the CIA for transporting an individual to a prison in Afghanistan. They have let their Civil liberties duty be taken over by a foreign policy issue. Recently, the New York Times endangered the CIA and US personnel by reporting on secret landing patterns of CIA planes carrying suspected terrorists. The EU has been calling for an explanation to why countries like, Britain allow the CIA to refuel in the country. You can imagine what FDR would say about these treasonous actions on the part of the ACLU and New York Times. Condi Rice has assured the EU that the United States does not violate any countries sovereignty and that they do not torture.

For those people who think the ACLU does not have an anti-American, anti-military agenda this should be the last straw for you. Since when does the ACLU have the right to interfere with the CIA? Recently I wrote about why I don’t mind if the military bombed Al Jazeera because they are tools of the enemy; well, it’s the same for the ACLU. The world has hit a new low for hypocrisy, leftist propaganda, and insanity. And if you happen to be a member of this fascist organization please, reconsider. Because this organization wants us to lose in Iraq, they are against free speech, they are willing to undermine the CIA and the war to make a political statement. And they hate this country.

You will be hearing about this more in a few days. I’m sure Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity will be al over this outrages lawsuit.