Fascism Is On The Move

The Fascism of the Democratic Party is on the move. How quickly they will turn on their own members. Honesty is really unwelcome among the ranks of the Democrats.

Joe Lieberman, the Democratic senator has been slandered by his own party for several weeks now and it’s just getting worse. I reported on how their Party was actively trying to stem the opinions of people they disagreed with. Hillary Clinton, who was shouted down by a far-left group for supporting the war in Iraq and Ann Coulter who was shouted down as she was trying to give a speech, are two recent examples. The other example was when Joseph Lieberman came back from Iraq and pointed out how much progress we have made there. He was viciously attacked by many in his party for refusing to parrot the party line of, " Iraq is a disaster and we need to surrender." He was threatened, by the far left activist group Move On.org, to fall in line or they will rally their 10,000 Connecticut members to support an opposing candidate that would do what he was told. Move On.org, the organization that claimed in 2004 that they had bought and paid for the Democratic Party, has now been joined by leading left wing Democrats in Connecticut. This comment was made by the chairman of the Fairfield Democratic Committee in Connecticut: "It's at the point where he's no longer interested in his own party's opinion, he's really out of touch with reality. For me, he's crossed the line a number of times."

Dissension is constantly squashed in the Democratic Party as seen, quite clearly, with Joseph Lieberman. Because a Democratic leader in Washington must follow orders or they will be slandered and attacked and overthrown by their professed owners. That explains why so many leading Democrats are constantly lying about Iraq, The Patriot Act and the newly disclosed spy charges. They have to lie, or else they risk being brought down by the far-left groups that own them.