From Whiny Democrat to the "DarkSide"

I’m in college and a Government major who happens to be Republican. However, this was not always so. I was a Democrat in my high school days and a very convincing one at that. I was actually in a government class during the 2000 presidential election. It was probably one of the most unique experiences of my high school education even though my actual schooling took a back seat to sports. It’s funny because in my government class we had mock presidential debates and guess who was chosen to speak as Al Gore. Yep, I had the challenge of making Al Gore seem intelligible and a better candidate then George Bush. Believe it or not, at that time I was like the typical Bush-hater. I used to hate George Bush. Back then I was really naïve in terms of politics so I basically did what I claim Liberals do all the time, which is to believe whatever is said in the media and by Bush’s political opponents. So, what was it that turned me to the “Dark side?” What turned this Bush-hating, Democrat loving guy into what people call a right-wing zealot? (Other than me realizing that the Democrats are wrong about nearly everything)

On September 11, 2001 this nation was attacked by an enemy who has lurked within our midst for over a decade. On this day my world view and political perspective changed. No longer was I willing to be told what to believe and no longer was I willing to hate my president. The bold policies of President Bush and his willingness to act despite political attacks and propaganda from his opponents were key reasons in my changing political perspective. His passionate speech at ground zero is among the greatest speeches a president has ever given. Click here to see it in Windows Media Player or watch it on my sidebar. Bush Rallies New York: CNN Video

After this Ground Zero Address I knew President Bush was the right President for our time. Like Reagan before him, Bush’s foreign policy is despised by the left and by other countries. But, like Ronald Reagan, George Bush has a chance to affect change that will be remembered throughout history. Afghanistan is a functioning Democracy despite the Democrats claims of it being a quagmire. Despite the naysayers saying that the Middle East isn’t ready to be free; the historic pace of cultural progress being witnessed throughout the Middle East is continuing. I’m not saying that this progress will lead to definite reforms but anyone who says that this is not worth the effort, is not a true humanitarian. George Bush has the potential of being one of the greatest presidents in American History. We should all hope, despite our political background, that our effort to reform the Middle East into a freer region helps humanity.