How Dare You Not Flip-Flop!

-It’s beginning to look a lot like Fascism-
One of the few Democrats that actually cares for his country is now being attacked for his principled stance on Iraq. The Democratic Party has turned their back on being Americans and have decided to actively undermine the war and in some cases attempt to coerce people into hating the President. In fact they “torture” people with their hypocritical rhetoric until they finally say enough! We will bow down to your fascist political party. More to the point, it seems that the Democratic Party is on the side of our terrorist enemy. There is no doubt that the honorable Joseph Lieberman has recognized this obvious betrayal and has refused to go along with his colleagues attempts to force surrender in Iraq. Lieberman, being one of the authors of the Iraq Liberation Act, fully understands what a free Iraq means to the US and to the world. The act, which for you lefties was signed into policy by Bill Clinton, called for the United States to effectively produce regime change in Iraq.

Ask yourself why the Democratic Party hates the fact that Joseph Lieberman has not followed their attempts to re-write history. According to the ultra-left New York Times, the senate minority leader called Senator Lieberman to quote “express concerns with his views.” Express concerns with what view is my question. The view that trying to free 26 million people is wrong. The view that Saddam Hussein, according to nearly ever Democrat who signed the Iraq Liberation Act and who voted for war, should be removed from power. The views he expressed as an individual with the freedom to tell the truth about the Democratic Party’s attempt to undermine this war for political gain. Those views? Express concern over Mr. Lieberman’s views…yeah right, that’s code for, you do what we say or we will use groups like MoveOn to launch a campaign against you. According to the Times, MoveOn’s head propagandist in DC has called Lieberman’s stance on the war a betrayal. He has also vowed to rally MoveOn’s 10,000 Connecticut members against the Senator if the right candidate was to enter the next election. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Lieberman said: "We undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril"