I'm Outraged!, said the outrages

The Democrats got their panties in a bunch over Mr. Bush’s interview with Brit Hume of Fox News. The president, responding to a question, said he thought Delay wasn’t guilty of the charges against him. As you might imagine leaders of the Democratic Party were OUTRAGED! The president according to them was attempting to influence the jury. They called it a reckless prejudging of the case. And now they are calling for the President to reveal who leaked Valerie Plame’s name…well, other then her own husband.

"The president of the United States said a jury does not need to assemble," said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. To have someone of his stature ... prejudge a case is something I've never seen before."My question to Harry Reid is, “why, if you claim that President Bush has recklessly prejudged the case, are you and other fellow Democrats doing the same thing. Why are you calling for the resignation of Tom Delay and why in the Valerie Plame case are the Democrats prematurely convicting Karl Rove. Why are you supporting organizations who have already called for Delay to be convicted?” Why is the Democratic Party consumed by hypocrisy? Mr. Reid, can you explain that to me.

Mr. Reid, your feigned outrage is typical but give us a break. We know that the Democrats are desperate and you know that the Democrats are constantly politicizing the Tom Delay case. It's just like you and other Democrats pretending you didn’t make the WMD case against Saddam. I know a lot of idiots buy into your rhetoric but I don’t. Mr. Reid your unimpressive attempt to weasel your way out of admitting the truth isn’t going to fly here. The Democrats and the liberal media constantly attempt to persuade the country that Bush ordered torture without evidence; they always claim the Bush Administration ousted a CIA agent even though the case is still underway. Just because you guys couldn't get Karl Rove doesn't mean you have to cry all the time. The Democrats and the media, in every case against the administration, prejudge and negatively influence the jury pool. It’s just another example of the pathetic nature of the once great party.