Qualifications For a Liberal Blog

Lately, I have been visiting more blogs through Blog Explosion and blog clicker and I have realized something about the liberal blogger… They’re insane! (no offense)

Qualifications to be a liberal blogger:

1. Hypocrisy must run deep within your blood.
2. You have to have a dumb “impeach Bush” tag at the corner of your blog
3. You hate Fox News because someone told you to hate Fox News.
4. You don’t think the Media is biased
5. You have to say Bush is corrupt or else you wont fit in
6. The Valerie Plame leak is worse then outlining secret prisons and plane routes of the CIA.
7. Insanity is a must
8. Bush killed 2,000 soldiers in Iraq not Al Qaeda and Insurgents.
9. you have to say The war is for oil or else your mind explodes from trying to think for yourself
10. Democrats were magically tricked into voting for the war and the Patriot Act
11. You have to think Al Franken is funny and understands politics.
12. You must get your news from a comedy show on Comedy Central
13. You have to be dumb enough to think Democrats care about the poor
14. You have to think that Hitler is more comparable to George Bush than to Saddam Hussein.
15. You have to blame Bush for everything even a Hurricane
16. You have to actually believe Fahrenheit 9-11 was an accurate accounting of the Bush Administration
17. Whine! You must whine!