Will They Surrender?

Are the Democrats really the type of people that will bend to the will of the Insurgency? There has been a lot of talk lately from Democrats such as John Kerry, Howard Dean, and John Murtha of actually pulling a France and waving the white flag. Not ever in my life would I have thought this day would come. A major American political party is bowing down in the face of roadside bombs and terrorist rhetoric. As an American I am deeply offended by this call for retreat from many leading Democrats. After thinking about why it is they want to surrender to the Insurgents I came to a couple conclusions.
A) The Democratic Party is so selfish and so desperate for political power that they are truly willing to undermine the war in Iraq in hopes to gain the support of their far-left base. This has been evident for the last year with comments coming from the Democrats claiming our American soldiers are Nazis; Comparing our military to the forces of Stalin; The Democrats claiming that Bush tricked them into voting for war when they knew exactly what they were voting for; Kerry claiming that the Military in Iraq are terrorists, terrorizing women and children; Al Gore and his idiocy claiming Bush betrayed the country even though under Bill Clinton he bombed Iraq and killed innocent people on the same Intel Bush used to gain support for overthrowing Saddam. Democrats calling the military broken; Democrats refusing to admit the historic progress that Iraq has made thus far. Democrats called Afghanistan a quagmire, that’s how anxious they are to lie for political power; Democrats refusing to blame the actual terrorists causing the instability in Iraq so they can Blame America and Bush. And so on and so on…

Or B) The Democrats have really given up and want to surrender to terrorists in the middle of the war on Terrorism [Because no matter what way you put it, that’s what giving up is]. They are waving the French Flag of surrender and they seem to be doing it with honor. “Please Mr. Terrorist, you can have Iraq...you broke our will to fight you.”

Personally I think it’s A. Either way they sicken me!