Air America is Tanking

So, Air America has now gone from an over hyped propaganda radio station to an enterprise that actually has to pay for its smear to be heard. As reported by the O’Reilly Factor, Air America has been losing so much money and is such a failure that instead of radio stations paying them to be on the air, which is normal, Air America has to bribe stations to let them stay on the air. They have also stolen money from a boys and girls charity and refused for over a year to give it back. With ratings very low and still dipping fast Air America is only on the air because of far-left billionaires funneling money into their bank account. Given that Air America is simply a left-wing propaganda outfit it makes sense for it to be a failure and it also makes sense that liberal contributors are desperate to keep it going despite losing a ton of money. Personally I think Al Franken’s show is hilarious. I almost die laughing every time Al pretends to understand politics…very funny!

Also on the Liberal activist front is the New York Times Editorial.
The Times is now calling for the Democratic Party to filibuster the nomination of Samuel Alito. The New York Times…well you know what the NY Times represents. I’m not sure about the filibuster but the majority of the Democratic Party will likely vote No on judge Alito proving once again how partisan they are. I knew that the Democrats would vote No on Alito because that’s what they do; they lie for political gain. There is absolutely no reason why any Democrat should vote no on Judge Altio, but they will. As I explained in past entries, they decided to vote no on any candidate President Bush nominated, despite qualifications.