Al Gore Attacks President Bush

I know that no one takes Al Gore seriously anymore but he gave a speech today that passed outrages and bordered insane. The partisan hack Al Gore calls for us to put aside partisan differences.

Al Gore used a Martin Luther King reference to attack the President saying, “It is important to recall that for the last years of his life doctor king was illegally wiretapped…
Whose private conversations were intercepted by the US government in that period…the government tried to destroy his marriage and take him off his pedestal.”

[ What Gore left out was that It was a Democratic administration that was, in his words, “illegally wiretapping” Doctor King. He also described what the Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy, and Dick Durbin did to an honorable judge by the name of Samual Alito. They slandered him; trying to take him off his “pedestal”. ]

Al Gore went on to say, “It is imperative that the rule of law be restored to our country. A president who breaks the law; is a threat to the very structure of our government."

[ Again, someone needs to inform Al Gore that lying under oath to a grand jury, is breaking the law. So Al Gore called his former boss, Bill Clinton, a threat to the very structure of our government ]

Al Gore: “At present we still have much to learn about the NSA domestic surveillance. What we do know…virtually compels the conclusion that the President has been breaking the law.”

[ So Al, You don’t know much about the situation and you have already concluded that President Bush broke the law. Someone Needs to remind Al that his own administration's attorney general argued the rights of the executive to use warrant-less wiretaps. ]

Gore also went on to insinuate that we live under a tyranny too reminiscent to British Kings
He also compared Iraq to Vietnam. He called the war in Iraq (removal of Saddam Hussein) a colossal mistake.

The C-Span video of Speech