Al Libbi Confession Led to Pakistani Air strike

Never let them tell you coercive interrogation does not work

"Al-Libbi, a Libyan, had confessed to Pakistani interrogators after his capture in May 2005 he met al-Zawahri at Damadola, near the Afghan border, earlier in the year. Al-Libbi was captured after a shootout in another remote hamlet in northwestern Pakistan.

U.S. and Pakistani intelligence — with the aid of local tribesmen and Afghans — began monitoring the home after al-Libbi’s confession, the officials said. Pakistani authorities suspect al-Qaida operatives had gathered last week at Damadola to plan attacks early this year in Afghanistan and Pakistan..." --press the AP link above for full story--

Opinionnation Times
This attack killed high ranking Al Qaeda members including their top bomb maker and Chemist. Al-Libbi is now in American custody and I’m sure he has garnered the sympathy of the ACLU and other far-left organizations. Note to the ACLU: Stop undermining the war and stop sympathizing with AL Qaeda