Al Zawahri calls Bush a 'Butcher' in a new tape

Al-Qaeda No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri said in a videotape aired Monday that President Bush was a "butcher" and a "failure" because of a deadly U.S. airstrike in Pakistan targeting the bin Laden deputy.
Al-Zawahri, shown in the video wearing white robes and a white turban, said a Jan. 13 airstrike in the eastern village of Damadola killed "innocents," and he said the United States had ignored an offer from al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden for a truce.
"Butcher of Washington, you are not only defeated and a liar, but also a failure. You are a curse on your own nation," he said, referring to Bush. "Bush, do you know where I am? I am among the Muslim masses." Click on the USA Today link to read the full story

Opinionnation Times
So now we are seeing AL Qaeda’s new propaganda strategy…use the talking points of the Democratic Party. This is very interesting to see happening. The question is, will the Dems fall in line and start using Al Zawahri as their new Michael Moore. I have a feeling that this new trend of Al Qaeda following the Democrats lead in denouncing the removal of Saddam Hussein, denouncing the killing of 4 top Al Qaeda members in Pakistan, and calling the war on terror a failure will get some traction among the far-left. My question is, if Bush is such a failure why is Afghanistan freer and why is it that the Taliban were obliterated. The other question is, why if Bush is a failure is Al-Zawahri hiding like a chicken. And if he is so interested in Martyrdom then why is it that he is running and hiding using video tapes to say something. I don’t see Osama or Al-Zawahri strapping a suicide belt around their waist looking for the “infidels” to blow up. You know what this new video reminds me of; it reminds me of “Baghdad Bob” announcing, while US tanks are in the background, that America has failed to defeat the Iraqi Army. They[Al Qaeda] are losing and they are desperate to break the will of the American people. That is the only way they can win. If they get the left to surrender, which is what they are trying to do by releasing such tapes, they can claim victory.

As for the Pakistan air strike; I am sure some Bush-haters will blame America for placing terrorists inside this village and then placing innocent people all around 4 top Al Qaeda officials. As we have come to see the far-left thinks we are responsible for this village harboring terrorists and therefore we are to blame. Do I feel bad because innocent people died in this strike…actually no, not really. Do I feel bad that the left is blaming America and not the people who actually were harboring terrorists…yes I do. Those who willingly put innocent people at risk by aiding terrorists are to blame for the collateral damage, not America.