Bill Clinton Wants Hamas to be Respected

Bill Clinton is urging the United States to cozy up with the terrorist organization Hamas by establishing a dialogue and not to break off contact simply because they kill people in a way we don’t like. Hamas, the terrorist group that specifically targets innocent people to murder, is being praised by our former president. I was waiting for the Europeans to break first and show their terrorist-sympathizer-tendencies but it seems Bill got it done saying at a World Economic Forum, Hamas might "acquire a greater sense of responsibility, and as they do we have to be willing to act on that." He went on to say, “One of the politically correct things in American politics ... is we just don't talk to some people that we don't like, particularly if they ever killed anybody in a way that we hate.”
-Quotes from
NewsMax and the AP-

I see Bill never learns. After Bill Clinton appeased terrorism throughout his entire administration it led to not only a dozen attacks on the US including the USS Cole but in large part to 9-11. Clinton’s horrid inaction, not only allowed Al Qaeda to flourish but it gave them incentive to attack the United States. The refusal by the Clinton administration to be given Osama Bin Laden comes to mind. As does the fear they had of collateral damage as displayed when Osama was targeted by Intel but got away because Clinton was mired in scandal and could not afford any more bad press. Not to mention the memo the left likes to bring up: “Bin Laden determined to attack in US”. That memo was, of course, ignored by the Clinton administration for a long time and then passed on to the Bush administration.

I don’t know what exactly Bill is trying to do. For the most part, Bill only cares about his self-perceived legacy and perhaps he is trying to solidify his attempts at Mid East peace during the 90’s, who knows. All I know is that Hamas targets innocent people to kill and has one overall goal which is to destroy Israel and kill every Jew in the Middle East. I guess Bill Clinton thinks it is perfectly fine to be a terrorist organization if that organization is in control of a state.