Bush-Blaming 101

First they blamed him for creating more terrorism.
Then they blamed him for creating global warming.
Then they blamed Bush for Hurricane Katrina.
Now the blame-Bushites are blaming Bush for the Sago Mine accident.
Bush Killed Miners

So, why do they feel the need to attack the president like they do? The Blame-Bushite falls into 3 categories. [Blame-Bush 101]

1. They simply hate George Bush. And they hate while crying for peace in the world. They're hypocrites in case you didn't know.

2. They see a way to use the blame Bush approach. It can rally their base and raise money from the far-left. They do this at any cost to the country.

3. They hate his policies because they are leftist, socialists, anarchists, or of some other crazy ideology.

The Democrats Iraq dilemma:
If we win in Iraq the Dems view it as a Bush victory not an American victory. That means that they view a loss in Iraq as a Bush loss not an American loss.

Breaking News: Al Qaeda Claims US Withdrawal in Iraq as Victory.