Dems Drive Alito's Wife To Tears

I wanted to avoid making another entry about the conformation hearings but the partisanship of the Democratic Party has called for it to be pointed out. As many people know by now, Samuel Alitos wife was brought to tears by the democrat’s attempts to wrongly paint Judge Alito as a racist and a bigot. It is not surprising to me that the heartless Democrats would stoop to the level of mis-characterizing this man’s record and history for no other reason but to make themselves feel better.

There is no reason, given that Judge Alito will be confirmed, for them to attack his character other than to satisfy their far-left base. And that’s what this is all about. We see Hillary Clinton being attacked by the far-left for supporting the war in Iraq. We saw Joseph Lieberman threatened when he gave an opinion that differed from’s insane ideology. In this case Democrats such as Chuck Schumer have been told to vote no and to attack Judge Alito’s character. There is no doubt that Chuck Schumer will do as he is told and vote no to confirm the well qualified judge. Democrats just don't like democracy when it’s not putting them in power or allowing them to choose judicial nominees.

The Democrats will lie and say that he dodged and did not fully answer questions relevant to the conformation standards. They will lie and say Alito was not candid enough and that forced them to vote no. Of course, this is preplanned and part of their strategy of needless obstruction. These partisan hacks decided, long before the hearings started, to vote against Judge Alito.