The Dems in '06...Does Not Look Good

After the presidential election of 2004 Democratic strategists said they lost because they did not define their message. This is partly true. The problem the Democrats had was that they had no message worth defining. What was the Democratic Party’s platform during the campaign; can anyone list it for me? They’re strategy for Iraq was either to immediately pull out or to bring in France and the UN to help. Their strategy for the economy was to raise taxes on the working class and on the upper class. Looking back on the election I wonder how it was, besides their common misguided hatred of President Bush, they garnered any support. For some reason the Dems have not learned anything from their crushing defeat in 2004 and 2005. They have re-tooled their hatred led attacks on the President by adding the part where they endanger the country for political gain. I don’t know how that’s going to help them this year but we can rest afraid that they will continue to give our enemy strength by providing them National Security information. Just listen when leading Democrats talk about Iraq; it’s sad to watch people like Harry Reid talk about foreign policy. There is a group-think that binds the Democratic Party through hypocrisy and complete BS. Listen to their leaders talk and give me your honest opinion…Why do so many people buy into this incoherent babble:Liberal Logic

The Dems Iraq Strategy

Their leaders include Michael Moore; Harry Reid; John Kerry; Barbara Boxer; Hillary Clinton; Chuck Schumer and God save us, Howard Dean. Doesn’t that list just explain it all? Those are the faces of their party…Scary ain't it? Watch how it changed and ask yourself what the hell the Democrats were thinking: John Kerry. Watch in Astonishment