Dems Vote No on Alito

It seems that the Judiciary Committee's recommendation of Sam Alito is going to be split down party lines. As predicted Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and Ted Kennedy all gave in to partisanship and will vote no on Samuel Alito. It is not surprising that the Democrats would play politics with the nomination process because, as you know, they have been playing politics in the war on terror for over a year now.

Like I mentioned in previous posts the owners of the Democratic Party have pressured senators like Chuck Schumer into lying about Sam Aito. Schumer and the rest of the Democrats sitting on the Judiciary Committee have tried to slander Alito by claiming he is a racist and by claiming he is out of the mainstream (extremist). Now is the time to remind people that during the nomination of Justice Ginsberg, the Committee unanimously supported her, despite her being a left-wing ideologue. Back then, before the democrats were infected with the Extreme Liberalism virus, the Republican party voted for Ginsburg on her merits and qualifications; not ideology. Unlike today, where we have partisan Democrats falling in line with far-left pressure groups and or voting no specifically because of ideology. Chuck Schumer said right after the 2004 presidential election, that he would make his Supreme Court vote on ideology, not on qualifications.

Overall, the Democrats have created a “culture of corruption” in the senate. You see, they are corrupt in that they will purposely endanger and hurt the country for political gain. They lie about the run up to the war in Iraq for political gain; they slander an honorable judge for political gain; they embrace Intel leaks that truly endanger the CIA and the military but condemn leaks that are 1/100 as important. The problem the Democrats have is that their money comes from extremists that threaten them if they do not follow orders. Sure, this makes the far-left anti-free expression crowd happy but it hurts the country because the far-left is crazy.