Donny Deutsch Calls O'Reilly a Thug

The Typical Hypocrisy.
Tonight Donny Deutsch called Bill O’Reilly a “thug” on his low rated show the Big Idea. He then criticized O’Reilly for criticizing Cindy Sheehan. He attacked Bill O'Reilly because Deutsch said that Cindy Sheehan has the right to say whatever she wants because of her heartbreaking loss. What was typical, is that he attacked Bill O’Reilly for calling for the boycotts of stores that forced their employees to not say Merry Christmas. It’s the typical hypocrisy that embodies Donny Deutsch and his ilk. He calls for free speech then attacks those who speak freely for something he doesn’t like. He said in reference to O’Reilly calling for boycotts, “who the hell is he to decide…” He also showed clips of Bill on David Letterman's show and said that he loved Letterman for asking such questions. Although he ignored the fact that Letterman made himself look ignorant…but that’s the type of thing we expect from people like Donny Deutsch.

What is wrong with saying that Cindy Sheehan has made insane comments directed at this President and about the country; I just said it. Do you have a problem with that Donny? She called the terrorists in Iraq freedom fighters. Her son died for his country and her loss is obviously a deep tragedy for her to deal with. She has freely expressed herself but the fact is, she is aligned with anti-American groups and she has made ridiculous comments. I repsect her right to protest but, in my opinion, she has crossed the line.