George Galloway Pretends to be a Cat

George Galloway: Anti-War British MP Pretends to Be A Cat on Reality TV

I was going to do a story about this a couple of days ago but there was no video available for me to use. Now there is…enjoy.If you can't see it above, click here

I have had very heated debates with anti-war nuts about the anti-American and anti-Semitic George Galloway. I argued his guilt before it was actually announced that he indeed stole money from the Oil for Food Program. The UN confirmed his lies as did the US Senate. Many Europeans defended George Galloway because he was spewing anti-American propaganda. That of course is all the leftist mentality needs to be convinced.

George Galloway:
-He illegally profited from the Oil for Food Scandal.
-He lied under oath during a senate hearing.

Galloway was a hero to the anti-war movement saying:
"Therefore it can be said that the Iraqi resistance is not just defending Iraq. They are defending all the Arabs and they are defending all the people of the world from American hegemony."

He also denounced those Iraqis who had joined the security forces as "collaborators" and said it was "normal" for them to be targets for suicide bombers - who have killed hundreds of them.

“Actually, the Iraqi resistance does not target its own civilians. But the people that are being fought by the resistance in Iraq are the people that are working for the occupation.”