Human Engineering and Nazism

Outside of the abortion issue in America, I had this thought that maybe some of you can speak to. Now, I am for limited abortion but as I mentioned, this is not necessarily about the issue itself.

I'm writing this as a concerned American for the future. I will preface by saying that if I were in this situation I might do the same thing.

86% of fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome in America are aborted. The reason this upsets me is because, in a way, it seems like Nazism. To me it's like weeding out the weak breed of humanity in order to create the master race. As a person who loathes the comparisons made by some politicos to our county to Nazi Germany, I say this with all do respect.

Separate yourself from our current reality and ask, does terminating genetically weak humans sound like something, if the Nazis were capable of doing, they would do. I was thinking about the future of genetic engineering and I must say it's frightening. I understand the use and agree with stem cell research but that's not what I'm referring to. I have problems with engineering your children’s hair color, physical attributes etc. Morality calls on us to control our technology and our medical advancements. The thought of genetically modifying a child for reasons outside of health is terribly upsetting. We know science rarely can be stopped and usually does not wait to ask the moral questions necessary to ensure our societal underpinning. Trying to justify and make human engineering acceptable is reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s attempts to create the “ideal” human. Of Course there are huge differences between current genetic research and the wish for a master race but there are also dreadful similarities. Will the Godless want of creating what I now refer to as “stock” children be stemmed by morality or will it surpass the goals of the Third Reich with a more subtle yet more effective application of human engineering?