Is War Inevitable?

Iran has removed the seals on its nuclear enrichment facilities that were placed there, for negotiation purposes, two years ago. This is a major move on the part of Iran to continue its “diplomatic” quest to build nuclear weapons. The top US representative of the IAEA said that, "The regime continues to choose confrontation over co-operation, a choice that deepens the isolation of Iran and harms the interests of the Iranian people."

The new hard-line Iranian president has called for the extermination of Israel, he has called the holocaust a myth and he has vowed to build nuclear reactors. No sane person on this earth believes that Iran is building these nuclear facilities for energy efficiency. It is strongly known that Iran seeks to enrich uranium to build its first nuclear weapon. Even France, given that they are not supporting this regime, is on board in threatening sanctions against Iran.

Recently it was reported that the US and NATO were going through plans for a bombing campaign against Iran. The question is, should the US and NATO attempt to stop the Iranian Government from building nuclear weapons or should we allow Iran to build this type of weapon as it sees fit?
Given that if Iran had these weapons they would likely use them against Israel and other US allies, it’s imperative that the world community does not allow this reckless regime to continue its quest for WMD. I have no doubt that if it gets to the point of no return President Bush will cease playing these useless games and initiate a bombing campaign to hit Iran’s military infrastructure and target all known nuclear facilities. Counting on the world community is iffy but it seems that NATO would be on board, as it should be.