Liberalism and Intolerance

Extreme Liberalism is the most intolerant form of politics. If you disagree with affirmative action you're a racist. If you speak out against terrorism you're anti-Muslim. If you disagree with terminating a growing life by crushing its skull you hate women and their rights. If you’re for civil Unions you hate gay people. If you believe in God you're some idiot far-right zealot. If you’re against the ACLU because they push the minorities view on the majority you're against civil liberty. Liberals play the race card like there was no tomorrow. They slander and lie while they pretend to be righteous. Republicans aren't the intolerant party that's reserved for democrats.

Liberalism of this kind endangers the country on many levels. First and foremost, are the national security issues we face today. Their standard operating procedure prior to 9-11 was to cut Intelligence and Defense spending. Now they are complaining about how the intelligence before the war in Iraq was flawed. They spent over a decade trying to dismantle our Intel and Defense and then blame Bush for the CIA and NSA being incompetent organizations. We see how they are intolerant of views that differ from their insane ideology. I have read many blogs that denounced Joseph Lieberman for simply giving a truthful account of the political progress in Iraq. Just for giving his opinion he is attacked. And it’s not just by bloggers, huge left wing activist groups have threatened Joseph Lieberman to shut his mouth and fall in line. We have news commentators like Donny Deutsch who demands free speech but when it is someone he disagrees with he is against that freedom. We saw Cindy Sheehan threaten Hillary Clinton to say she was against the war. We saw far-left groups who claim they are for free speech, denying Hillary Clinton the chance to speak freely.

Extreme Liberalism is a fascist ideology that has now become a movement to shut down the free speech of whom they disagree. It has become an anti-Military movement that is so insane they refuse things like this:
San Francisco refuses the historic WW2 ship the USS Iowa saying, “If I was going to commit any money in recognition of war, then it should be toward peace, given what are war is in Iraq now.” This extreme liberalism is upsetting to me because many people find it acceptable. Unlike Communism or direct fascism, this type of liberalism seems to corrupt youths under the radar. That is why this ideology is among the most intolerant in the country. It is fused together by hypocrisy and intolerance.