Liberals Attack the Truth

Recently a Washington Post website had to be taken down because the far-left sent vulgar and obscene comments to Deborah Howell an ombudsman for Washington The hate-filled left got upset at Deborah for accurately pointing out that Jack Abramoff and his firms gave money to both Republicans and Democrats. Here are three comments that were printable as posted by Washington

"Yes, the WAPO needs an enema, and Howell should be the first thing that gets medicinally removed."

"You Deborah Howell, stop lying about Democrats getting money from Abramoff. Democrats do not control anything in Washington, so why would he waste money bribing them. Think and do your research, and stop being an idiot."

"This rag must be something that I pulled off a barscreen at a sewage treatment plant. Howell is simply a paid liar. How this creature endures itself is something I don't understand. What a piece of flotsam."

Yes ladies and gentlemen these are the future morons liberals of America; the Daily Show crowd in its entire splendor. Well, as we have come to realize that the left in this country utterly loath the first amendment and accuracy in the media, we have seen them take out their frustration on anyone who doesn’t say what they want to hear. In an earlier post I pointed out that there is an entire website that was designed to send hate-mail to Chris Matthews because he accurately compared the new talking points of Osama Bin Laden to the insanity of Michael Moore.
This has become a common occurrence with the far-left. They attacked and threatened Joseph Lieberman for supporting the effort in Iraq. They attacked Nancy Pelosi for saying she wants to win this upcoming election fight by electoral vote. Hillary Clinton has been threatened by the far-left numerous times for her support of the war in Iraq. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are liberals and yet if they take one position the far-left does not like; the left acts like wild chimpanzees eating their own feces. (For those who don’t get that analogy: Clinton is the feces and the far-left are the chimps).