Liberals whine over Matthew's Comment

In reference to Bin Laden's new audiotape: Chris Matthews said that Osama’s new talking points sound like an over the top Michael Moore.

This is true; I’m not making it up. The far-left internet folk, who I like to call “pathetic clowns” are upset that Chris Matthews exercised his first amendment right by making an accurate comparison of Osama Bin Laden’s new quotes to the talking points of Michael Moore. They have actually set up a blog site to simply send Chris Matthews their hate mail. It is beyond pathetic. Do you want to know why they [liberals] do this. I'll explain: The Despondent nature of their uncontrollable urge to hate Bush is their catalyst. They must all say the same thing or else they shrivel up and drift away on the winds of reason and rational thought. We know that if the left were forced to look at facts and reason they would implode and stream out to form a puddle of self-loathing. That is why they must congregate and that is why they are content with being wrong.

I was reading some of the comments posted and a lot of them actually want MSNBC to fire Chris Matthews. It’s another example of how the far-left in this country are hypocrites. They self-righteously claim they are for free speech but when someone says something they don’t like, they desperately try and stop that speech. Imagine if college liberals, the same that heckle Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, had a place to congregate…that place would be known as the internet. They are so pathetic that thousands of these things[liberals] visit the same far-left website and all say the same thing in the comment sections. It’s as if that is the only place they are taken serious, oh wait, it is. Poor Liberals…what a sad display of desperate hatred and group-think. Here is the Website: Whiny Liberal.