The Media Doesn't Want You To Know

What the American Media does not want you to know.

Three Algerian terrorists were caught, with the aid of wiretaps, in Italy. These terrorists were plotting major attacks against the United States. An Italian newspaper reported this capture and NewsMax has indicated that the attackers were planning to hit US stadiums and other huge venue targets. Italian News Paper

NewsMax- "My impression is that the major media want to use the NSA story to try and impeach the president," says Cliff Kincaid, editor of the Accuracy in Media Report published by the grassroots Accuracy in Media organization.
"If you remind people that terrorists actually are planning to kill us, that tends to support the case made by President Bush. They will ignore any issue that shows that this kind of [wiretapping] tactic can work in the war on terror.”

The key issue is the protection of the American people. I know people think warrant-less wiretaps are illegal but as we know President Clinton and Carter, among others, used this surveillance technique. So the claim that it is illegal does not really negate history or the fact that there has yet to be an investigation proving it was illegal. People on the left still think the war in Iraq was illegal, so they are not the people who should be looked to for the truth. They still claim Bush lied despite all the official investigations proving otherwise. It will be the same for this issue. The president’s actions will be upheld and no charges will be filed.