Mr. Abramoff Brings Down Washington

With high ranking republicans and high Ranking democrats in the cross-hairs of Jack Abramoff, his life may be in danger. I might be flagged for publishing an article with the word assassination in the text but this plea deal made by Jack Abramoff puts his life at risk. Imagine a lobbyist with detailed information on high ranking government officials who broke the law and who now puts members of the government at risk of serving time in federal prison. Imagine a Washington insider with dirt on major political leaders; both Democrat and Republican. Look at it in Mafia terms. In order to save himself from going to prison, this Mob Hit man, rats out the Gambino family. This man might not make it to court…some “accidental” death might occur before he brings down these political heavyweights. I’m coming out of my Republican shell on this one because my loyalty is to my country first. If it turns out that members of the Republican Party have illegally taken bribes, outside the norm, then they deserve to go to jail. Same with the Democrats…but they have been involved in more corruption than the Republicans, so they’re used to it.

If you are unaware of this man he was the top GOP lobbyist in Washington D.C. He had deals and contributed to both Democrats and Republicans. He recently
plead guilty to fraud charges for a shortened prison sentence in return for evidence against Congressional leaders.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not na├»ve enough to think that corruption is not a part of Washington, but if you get caught then you’re a bad politician. From Tom Delay to Harry Reid, this is going to be quite interesting to see play out.