Obstructionism: Dems to Filibuster Alito

Do the Democrats ever learn? John Kerry has now vowed to support a filibuster against the well-qualified and outstanding judge, Samuel Alito. John Kerry is among the most liberal Senators that are in power today and his partisanship has been well documented. In this case he has refused to do his duty as a United States senator by obstructing the nomination process of Mr. Samuel Alito. Ted Kennedy has also agreed to support a filibuster but that was never in any doubt. Now, as I predicted in several entries, the Democratic Party has been forced into obstructing this historic process using lies and by threatening a filibuster. There is no doubt that this move to block a well-qualified Judge was preplanned and is now being executed for the express purpose of satisfying the owners of the Democratic Party. Once again our Democratic friends have bowed down to the wishes of the far-left and indeed have been “bribed” to dishonor the senate more than they already have.

What amazes me is that liberals in America are accepting of this outrages act of partisan hackery. They are accepting because they view this weak threat as something they can slam George Bush with. It is like history is repeating itself. In 2004 the Democrats lied and misled the entire nation to try and overthrow the legitimate President of the United States. We saw the Democrats embrace Hollywood propaganda. We saw the Democrats embrace terrorism by denouncing George Bush and the necessary tactics his administration uses to protect the American People. A quick Review of the deplorable acts of the Democrats: Gave terrorists CIA plane routes and the location of secret prisons. They lied about their support for the war in Iraq. They called Afghanistan a quagmire. Dems compared the US military and their tactics to the forces of Hitler and Stalin. John Kerry claimed our Brave US service people were “terrorizing” Iraqi women and children. An LA Times writer says he doesn’t support the troops. Democrats blamed a hurricane on George Bush. The far-left attacked their own senators for not following orders. They slandered an honorable judge with hypocritical charges of racism and bigotry. They lie and undermine our war on terror while pretending they are righteous and good. And they wonder why they are labeled by some as being “anti-American.” To me they are not anti-American; their desperation for power and their hatred for President Bush has led the Democratic Party to undermine the country and our safety for short-term political gain. What they are too blind to see is that their terrible negligence usually backfires and they hurt their own chances of election. If they weren’t endangering our country and corrupting our system of government, I might be content with allowing them to shoot themselves in the foot.