Obstructionism: The Same Old Game

Chuck Schumer has one thing he wants the new Supreme Court nominee to say in order for him to vote for Samuel Alito. That of Course is that Sam is pro-abortion and will promise to Schumer himself that he will vote in line with the liberals of the Supreme Court. The problem is that John Roberts is not a liberal picked by a liberal president; He is a conservative nominee picked by a conservative president. People like Schumer are using the politics of obstruction to try and raise money from their owners. Tim Russert Takes Down Schumer

Extreme activists groups like MoveOn.org have ordered their employees [the Democrats] to put up a fight against the superbly qualified Sam Alito. After MoveOn.org announced in ’04 that they had “bought and paid for the Democratic Party,” they have been active in manipulating their liberal minions. We saw it when Joseph Lieberman returned from Iraq and was viciously attacked and threatened for praising the political progress there. Now we see Schumer, who was among the few that actually voted against Chief Justice John Roberts, being led by a leash to obstruct the nomination of this current nominee.

Schumer Tries To Explain His Inconsistencies

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