Osama Calls for Truce...While Dems call for Surrender

-France announces it is willing to use nuclear weapons against any terrorist state.
-Osama is calling for a truce in Iraq and Afghanistan
-Europe isn't taking any shit from Iran.

George Bush…you are good!

Detailed commentary to come on how the Bush strategy is working, but first. So, Democrats are calling for immediate withdrawal [surrender] and Osama Bin Laden is calling for a truce in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have to say, I really don’t blame Osama for calling for a truce. Terrorists in Afghanistan are being annihilated and there are huge divisions in Iraq between Al Qaeda and Saddam loyalists. Afghanistan is free and Iraq is fighting for its freedom. There has been some backlash against Al Qaeda's targeting of innocent Muslims to kill and that anti-Al Qaeda sentiment seems to be growing. The strategy is working and you are blind if you can’t see it.

Our homeland has not been attacked yet. Our economy is stable. The Presidents will is strong and our military has done and is doing a great job! Keep up the Great work!