Pakistan Shamelessly Protests the U.S.

Recently the CIA had intelligence that they thought identified Al Qaeda’s number two, Ayman al Zawahiri. It turned out to be bad Intel and regrettably the CIA’s predator drone killed some innocent civilians. Pakistani tribesmen, who support and conceal Osama Bin Laden, have claimed that no terrorists were among the dead. I don’t necessarily believe that to be true. Due to the accidental deaths of innocent Pakistanis [Muslim] huge protest are now breaking out condemning the United States. Nationwide protests against the US have occurred including 10,000 people chanting “death to America,” in Karachi. These protests mean nothing and will never mean anything to me…you know why?

-Terrorists kill 131 people in Iraq
-Al Qaeda bombs Amman hotel, killing Muslims including a wedding party
-Overall, Al Qaeda and terrorist insurgents have killed tens of thousands innocent Muslims in Iraq
-AL Qaeda has killed people in Pakistan.

So, until I see protests condemning the killing of their own people by terrorists I don’t really care what they protest! I’m waiting to see these so called “enraged” people get upset at the group that has killed more Muslims then the US. In Iraq the majority of casualties are from terrorists [Islamic] targeting and killing innocent people…where the hell is the outrage at that! How many innocent people have they killed in Iraq…20,000 maybe 40,000? They kill and target Muslims for slaughter every single day and now all of a sudden they care about ten or so people killed by accident! Until there are tens of thousands of protests against the Muslim-killing group Al Qaeda, this protest means nothing

If the far-left and anti-war groups try and make this into the, “evil America” game I will go off. I can hear these people now; “America is causing terrorism by killing innocent Muslims, and it’s our fault they hate us.” That is what the left is going to do and will be waiting to report that anti-American propaganda. The media has jumped all over the chance to use the headline “Pakistan Rallies to Condemn the US”. The headline should read, "Pakistan does not care about their people."

--Breaking News: Al-Zawahri Was Supposed to Be At Attack Site