Polls Show Hillary Would Lose in '08

New polls indicate that Hillary Clinton would have little to no chance to win a presidential bid in 2008. According to a CNN/Gallup poll released Thursday, only 16% of those polled said they would vote for Hillary for president while 51% of people said they would definitely NOT vote for Mrs. Clinton. The New York Post has also indicated that 43% of women do not want to see the former first lady as president. Hillary’s feeble attempt to move to the center on key political issues seems to have failed in the minds of most people. That failure leads me to this point: One of the many mistakes the Democrats made in 2004 was that they nominated an extreme liberal that was viewed as being weak on terror. They thought that since John Kerry served in Vietnam it would create a sense of a pro-military and strong-on-terror message. That of course failed because most people knew that John Kerry was beholden to the UN and their corrupt organization. Hillary Clinton is also an extreme liberal that has attacked the President for taking necessary steps to protect America; Namely the Patriot Act and the NSA terrorist surveillance program. She has done this while supporting the President’s decision to remove Saddam Hussein.

Hillary Clinton has a tight rope to walk and people, especially democratic strategists, are seeing John Kerry all over again. What Kerry did during the ’04 campaign is that he tried to satisfy the far-left by pretending he was against the war in Iraq and he tried to satisfy moderates by pretending he was strongly in favor of the war. This is where Kerry lost the election; do you remember the famous quote, “I voted for the 87 billion dollars; before I voted against it.” Well, what the America people rightly recognized is that John Kerry had no legitimate stance on any important issue; and this is true for one simple reason. He was afraid to alienate his far-left base. Hillary is in a similar situation in that she also has to set aside her true beliefs and engage in a pandering campaign. Like I have pointed out, the far-left is outraged at Hillary’s support of the war in Iraq. But Hillary in her heart, despite what she says, supports the war 100%. So, what she has been forced to do is to use double-speak to get across a message of “I support this war but I don’t support this war.” Like in 2004, this political positioning has been poorly executed. Example: The NSA spy program is supported by the majority of the American people. Most Americans according to an Opinion Dynamics poll say they are willing to sacrifice some freedoms in order to protect the country. Most people don’t mind the NSA using warrant-less surveillance to track suspected threats; they understand. However, once again, the Democrats have misjudged the American people. They have launched an attack on the President by claiming he has broken that law in terms of the NSA program and is power hungry. This is a huge miscalculation on their part and will likely backfire resulting in another major election loss.

What the Democrats have to do, in order to win in 2008, is elect an honest democrat such as Joseph Lieberman. Nominating Hillary would be great for the Republican Party as polls and conventional wisdom show. If they decide to, once again, bow down to the far-left and nominate an extreme liberal, they will lose. The American people will reject Hillary Clinton because, like John Kerry, she molds her positions on political calculation; not on what she truly believes