Sympathy For Terrorism

While Hollywood is trying to make terrorists and the extremist mentality seem sympathetic to America and the world, these people are purposely slaughtering innocent children. The Hollywood-liberal mentality, of we should not view this type of carnage in the terms of good and evil, is sickening to me. We have "Syriana" trying to give credence to why twisted individuals target innocent civilians to kill for a political or ideological statement. We have “Paradise Now” a film about how two men get recruited for a suicide bombing. Both films are nominated for Golden Globe awards.

Today, over 130 people were murdered by terrorist insurgents in Iraq for no other reason then to prevent freedom and to try to stem the political progress of Iraq. Very sympathetic figures if you ask Hollywood. The far-left wants us to sympathize with mass murderers because they feel that if we know why they commit such vile acts we could negotiate some sort of truce with them. It’s crazy, but crazy is the primary synonym of the far-left. We know what drives a terrorist to kill their own people; impure hatred. They hate for oversimplified reasons that have been smashed into their psyche by the controlling forces of the Middle East. There are very serious and legitimate reasons why many people view the West as corrupt, but that in no way calls for the slaughter of innocent people. Germany, Italy and Japan were our hated enemies during the WW2 era. They killed hundreds of thousands of Americans in an attempt to conquer Europe. That does not mean that today we have the right or the excuse to kill every German, Italian or Japanese person possible. Targeting your own people for destruction simply because they wish to establish a government is not excusable. Strapping a bomb to your torso and walking into a Muslim wedding reception to blow yourself up is not an action worth sympathy. Targeting Iraqi police to scare others not to join up to defend their country, is not an action that warrants sympathy. Do you get it Hollywood? Hating President Bush while giving credence to the barbaric actions of terrorists is very disturbing; but they do it.