The Typical Argument

The typical liberal in his infinite wisdom brought to you in the form of an Opinionnation free-write.

The Quagmire that is the quagmire is controlled by Halliburton because oil is king to them and the war is for oil. Impeach Bush for enforcing Clinton’s regime change policy because he caused a Hurricane on the gulf coast because black people were there and we know how Democrats love black people. I thought spying never happened under the NSA…I really thought it was No Such Agency. The economy or Economy or whatever is bad. Not good economy just bad. Bush is to blame for bad economy because we said so even though all the latest economic numbers proves us Democrats wrong, we still say it because people believe us. We like Mexicans but Republicans don’t, they hate Mexicans and Indians and Pakistanis and they hate Jews.

We liberals like drinking wine coolers while pretending we care because it makes us feel better. We don’t play politics with war we love war but hate this war and love the troops even though they are Nazis and terrorists but we can all support the troops but not the war, right? Bush betrayed his country by going to war and the Democrats who voted for war were in a Harry Potter spell that turned Kennedy into a frog and the rest of us into mindless sheep. Iraq is a Civil war because Sean Penn went down to Iraq and let the world know the truth. Bush lied, thousands died and stuff… Saddam was a great leader…we liberals remember how beautiful and peaceful Iraq was before the war because Michael Moore said it was peaceful. We love America; the land that is to blame for everything including genocide in Africa, global warming, death and destruction, hurricanes, and aids…but we all love America. Evil Republicans. Boo, hoo, hoo.