A Typical Run-in With the Insane Liberal

Tonight I was skimming through some left wing sites, namely Ariana Huffington's blog the Huffington Post. It led to the typical exchange of me asking for proof and then some idiot going off into a rant about how he is a liberal and blah blah blah.
Huffington Post has a scam story about how the Bush Administration ordered a smear campaign against John Murtha. Of Course this was the typical Bush-bashing story that provided no evidence or credibility. So I asked a very simple question that upset the intolerant liberal. Huffington Post Comments

I asked in reference to the smear accusation:
--"So, is there evidence of this smear campaign? Where are the documents, facts or credible sources? We reasonable people are waiting…I have skimmed through some of these typical left wing commentaries before and there is one thing they all have in common. The commonality is the lack of investigatory evidence and substance put forth to substantiate such partisan claims. I hope to see the irrefutable evidence you possess...but I doubt it exists."

And this is how I was proven wrong by a liberal using its keen intellect (word for word, this is what the moron had to say)
--"You no like it here, you f*ck off. This is a liberal sight and we talk amongst each other. There is no need to prove anything to a carved in granite neocon, lamo such as yourself. By the way shove your itsy bitsy conservative blog sight up your ass."

Notice how it says “this is a liberal site and we talk amongst each other.” That is the group think mentality that has infected morons such as this for a long time now. I read through a lot of the comments and it’s nothing but the same ol’ same ol’. It’s the ignorant liberal at its finest. I guess the lesson is; you can't reason with the unreasonable.