Where's The Outrage

In light of this NSA wiretapping scandal and all the outrage being displayed by the left, I thought I would remind them of a simple reality. Notice the camera placed on a street post designed to videotape any American who walks in its range. Without warrant or personal permission these cameras have videoed millions of Americans. These cameras are placed in order to limit Criminal activity and to stop traffic violations. Why? To save lives and to protect innocent Americans; just like spying on suspected terrorists is designed to save lives.. So, which is worse if any? A complex web of cameras tracking all vehicle and individual traffic without personal consent or warrant; or tracking a few thousand suspected terrorist phone calls without warrant or personal permission?

what about the paparazzi using a telephoto lens to take a picture of Lindsey Lohan while she is relaxing in her back yard. Is the left outraged at Lindsey Lohan’s privacy rights being violated or do they only care about the rights of suspected terrorists? This is what I call selective outrage. You see how stupid this entire issue is. The ACLU is videotaping police to try and find incriminating evidence for prosectution.
ACLU Provides Cameras. Trying to catch cops, according to their logic, is more important then trying to catch an extremist cell willing to use a Chemical or Biological weapon on the American people. Fortunately, The American people aren't going to buy into their selective outrage.