WMD: Re-Writing History

I hear from time to time people on the left use the protest phrase, “Bush lied, thousands died.” Although this phrase is not taken seriously by most level-headed people, it is a binding dogmatic belief among the far-left in this country. So, what’s the truth? [Insert sarcasm] Did President Bush lie like the far left claims, or was it an Intelligence failure like the official bi-partisan investigations concluded. Gee, which to believe…surprisingly many people on the left trust MoveOn.org rather than the actual evidence and investigatory conclusions. Their hatred for President Bush will allow them and their ilk to accept such rhetoric as “Bush lied thousands died” or the Bush-Hitler comparisons. We reasonable people have a difficult job of having to give credence to the opinions of the easily manipulated masses of the far-left. I hear the following too much; It’s said that, “we should respect other people’s opinions.” I’m fine with that if it’s an opinion based on rational thinking, evidence and common sense. However, what if that opinion is beyond ridiculous? Should I be forced, by a social correctness, to respect the opinion of an idiot? I’d rather not. In their own words: The Clinton Administration and current Democrats. I hope my liberal friends find this helpful in changing their minds about the run up to the war in Iraq.

WMP: In Their Own Words
Dial Up WMP: In Thier Own Words